Current heights are approx between 1-3m from top of pot.

PLEASE SEE PRICELIST for current availability as it changes often.

ACER (Maple)
Lipstick Maple (Red Maples)

Stunning big shade trees with amazing bright red autumn colour.
Autumn Blaze and October Glory 

Japanese Maple: These are suited to the Adelaide Hills or a cooler, protected position preferably South/East aspect only.

Dissectum Crimsonwave Purple lace leaf 
Atropurpureum Common Purple 
Acer Palmatum Common green seedling maple
Dwarf ‘Red Pygmy’, Coral Bark ‘Senkaki’ 
Dissectum Seiryu, Shaina 

Weeping Japanese Maples: These are suited to the Adelaide Hills or a cooler, protected position preferably South/East aspect only.
All are a 1.2m graft and eventually can grow to approx 2x2m
Dissectum Orangeola, Dissectum Variegatum
Norway Maple 
Crimson Sentry, Columnare Upright, Deborah 

Other Maple
Scarlet Sentinel™-Red Maple, Pacific Sunset (Hybrid) 
A. negundo ‘Sensation’ Box Elder 
BETULA (Birch)
Silver Birch
CERCIS (Redbud): famous for their stunning pink 'bud' blossom
C. canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’ 
CORNUS (Dogwood) (small 50-80cm)
Red Beauty Florida 
COTINUS (Smokebush) stunning dark red foliage 
CUPANIOPSIS (Tuckeroo) Evergreen tough coastal tree
FRAXINUS(Ash): tough big shade trees, does well in all conditions
Claret Ash 
White Ash -Champaign County™ - 
Green Ash: Cimmaron and Urbanite
Evergreen Ash: Flowering Ash 

JACARANDA Large semi deciduous purple flowering shade tree
GINKO BILOBA  Princeton Sentry (Male) or regular
GLEDITSIA (Honey Locust): beautiful, elegant shade trees with fern like leaves. 
Elegantissima, Spectrum & Sunburst, Rubylace (darker leaf) 
LIQUIDAMBAR Liquidambar Styraciflua (maple like leaf) and ‘Rotundiloba’ (round leaf) Big trees with agressive root systems, great for large spaces. 
Deciduous: Sundance, Butterflies & Ballerina 
Soulangeana (pink flower)
Evergeen: M.grandiflora Little Gem (small)

MALUS (Crab Apple): Amazing blossom and some produce small fruit (not edible)
Floribunda, Ioensis Plena, Trilobata – upright Crab Apple, Wychwood Ruby (pink) 
Gorgeous (white), Purple Wave, Rejoice, Royal Raindrops, Crimson Knight and Sugar Thyme
Standard (1.8m graft) Royal Raindrops and Ioensis Plena

PAROTIA (Persian Witch Hazel)
PISTACIO CHINENSIS (Chinese Pistacio)- No nuts 
PRUNUS (Ornamental Flowering Cherry)
‘Okame’ and 'Kojo-no-mai' (dwarf)
Standard (1.2m graft) semi upright ‘Shirotae’ 

Weeping Cherry

Standard (1.8m graft) Falling Snow (white) Cheals (pink) 

PRUNUS (Ornamental Flowering Plum)
Blireana, Ruby Flare (upright), Oakville Crimson Spire, Nigra, Pissardii 

PYRUS (Ornamental Pears)
Chanticleer (Glensform) (11mx6m max) 
Capital (11mx3m max)

NEW Mini Capital (5mx2m) 
Korean Sun (4x5 max) 
Manchurian (9x7 max) 
Winterglow (10x5m)

Q.Palustris –‘Pringreen’ – Upright Pin Oak 
Q. Palustris - Pin Oak 
Q.Rubrum Fastigiata - Upright English 

SOPHORA (Japanese Pagoda) Princeton Upright 

SYRINGA (Lilac) 
‘Sweetheart’ Double pink, Wedgewood Blue, Lemoine

Evergreen Water Gum - grows to approx 7-10m high, nice dark green glossy leaves.

ULMUS (Elm) Chinese Elm - generic and Todd.

Photos L-R : Crimsonwave Japanese Maple, Vitofolium Full Moon Maple, Sensation Maple (Box Elder)