Fruit trees

We sell a small range of bagged fruit trees from our local Balhannah Nurseries. Bagged fruit trees have a good established root system and can be planted throughout the winter - in time to blossom in spring! Bags are 23cm in diameter (unless noted otherwise) and trees vary in size from 1-2m high. 

We now sell citrus trees: Eureka & Meyer Lemon, Tahitian Lime, Dwarf Washington Navel orange, Seedless Valencia Orange. More varieties coming late summer. 


Apples and plums require another fruit tree of the same family in the vicinity to allow pollination to occur. All other fruit we sell is self pollinating.


Dwarf Red Love $80 - amazing new variety with a dark red centre! 

Pinkabelle $50

Pink Lady $45

​​Cherries all $45

Figs $50

Nectarines all $45

Peaches all $45

Plums all $45