Fruit trees

We now sell a range of bagged fruit trees from our local Balhannah Nurseries. Bagged fruit trees have a good established root system and can be planted throughout the winter - in time to blossom in spring! Bags are 23cm in diameter (unless noted otherwise) and trees vary in size from 1-2m high. 


Apples and plums require another fruit tree of the same family in the vicinity to allow pollination to occur. All other fruit we sell is self pollinating.


Dwarf Red Love $75 - amazing new variety with a dark red centre! 

Monty's Surprise $50

Pinkabelle $50

Granny Smith $45

Pink Lady $45

Cider Apples 25cm pot, all $55 

Grow your own apples to brew your own cider!

Improved Foxwhelp

Kingston Black

Somerset Redstreak

Yarlington Mill

Cherries all $45





Black Genoa $50

Nectarines all $45

Flavortop (yellow flesh/freestone)

Goldmine (white flesh/freestone)

Peaches all $45

Anzac (white flesh/freestone) O'Henry (yellow/freestone)


Sensation (red skin) $45

Plums all $45

Santa Rosa (yellow flesh/ clingstone)

Mariposa (red flesh/freestone)